Kiarash Rahayi

Graduated bachelor's and master's degree in industrial design from the University of Tehran. Designing beside science always has been his most concern. He has near five years experience in designing and manufacturing many household and medical products.



  • How could I describe this designer fairly?Let’s say that during the years past my graduation from Harvard Graduate School of Design, I have almost always turned to Kiarash to ask questions about materials, processes, design details, and technical software issues. He is not only knowledgeable in a variety of fields that go well beyond what is needed for an Industrial Designer, but also possesses a good taste for design and a logical mind for problem solving. Last but not least, he is a patient yet fair teacher, one with a soft heart and a professional brain.All in all, I strongly recommend Kiarash for any designing, researching, teaching or other related fields. You will be lucky to have such a skillful and dedicated person in your team.

    Parisa Hashemean
    Harvard University Graduate School of Design
  • I have known Kiarash for more than ten years, and we have collaborated on various projects along these years. He is one of the most creative and knowledgeable and well-organized designers that I have ever worked with. He always impresses me with his unique skill-sets, his keen eye for detail, and his dedication and work ethic. I would fully recommend him to anyone that values high-quality work and authentic design.

    Sana Behnam
    Graduate Research Associate, The Ohio State University