graduated bachelor's and master's degree in industrial design from the University of Tehran, one of the most prestigious universities of Iran. Designing beside science always has been his most concern. He has experience in designing and manufacturing many household and medical products since 2014.
Within these experiences, He has gained a considerable amount of experience in designing and manufacturing many household and medical products. These involvements has granted him a chance to gain a comprehensive knowledge about users and to study user-product interactions and essential interventions for making more suitable correlation between user and artifact.
During his bachelor’s and master’s studies, He has been rather successful at computational and science courses beside user and system interaction studies among design fields. Hence, after entering the job market as an educated designer in the field of emerging industries, he found the position of collaboration with a medical device and household companies, in which he participated in the design and production of their latest products.Thus, for achieving use-ability study, evaluating function effectiveness, and surveying the impact of good design on usefulness improvement, he exploited this occasion.



Master in Industrial Design

University of Tehran

Cumulative GPA: 18.7 out of 20.0
Thesis title: Using "Design Language Theory" in Domestic 3D Printer Design,
Thesis Grade:19.76 out of 20
Thesis Adviser: Nasrin Moghaddam, Ph.D.

2009 - 2013

Bachelor in Industrial Design

University of Tehran

Cumulative GPA: 17.6 out of 20
Thesis Title: The Multi-Gym Exercise Equipment for Household Uses
Thesis Grade: 18 out of 20
Thesis Adviser: Ali Faraji Ph.D.


2014 - 2016

Industrial Designer

Partoteb Pardis Ltd.

-Responsible for Designing, Developing and Manufacturing the New Products including:
a new device for excessive sweating treatment (Iontophoresis device)
a visible light vein finder
micro-current facial face-lift device

2016 - 2017

Industrial Designer

Salam Co.

-Responsible for Designing and Manufacturing the Gifts and Awards for festivals, conferences and other important events

2017 - 2018

Product Desiner

Safheh Studio

-Collaborating in game design as Industrial Designer:
styling, designing, developing and manufacturing an educational game for children that had been invented and tested by the company. 

2018 - 2019

Product Desiner

Newlet Ltd.

-Collaborating in designing of a new product as Product Designer:
Automatic toilet seat cover dispenser 

Honors and Awards

2008 - 2013

Master's Degree nationwide entrance exam

5th place

-the 5th place among the 783 eligible participants in Master's Degree nationwide entrance exam in Industrial Design major of education of the year 2013.

National Student Olympiad

17th place

-the 17th place in the 18th National Student Olympiad in 2013 at final stage in Industrial Design Olympiad.

Bachelor's Degree nationwide entrance exam

21st place

-the 21st place among 52030 participants in nationwide entrance exam of the year 2008 in Art testing group.


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